Friday, 29 May 2015

Need for Implementing Carrier Guidance at Colleges and Schools

Declining employment rates and the slow-moving economy is not hidden from anyone. The workers and employees with varying experiences and skills over different industries are being repeatedly told about the condition of the job market and questions about their future. But what is for the students passing out from colleges nationwide and coming to the practical world?

They are also worried for their futures as the other service persons. The oscillating economic conditions has made it necessary for implementing carrier guidance for the new buds of the future job market in form of school or college career centres. The results of these career centres are astonishing and show the need for introduction so that they are guided respectfully without any confusion. The students getting such advices are doing well in the outer "real world".

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It is not about juniors or seniors in any sense, but due to the evolution of levels of the schoolchildren's concern regarding their future, they are also taking part in these carrier launching seminars and guidance centres for kick-starting their professional knowledge.

Noel Levitz report in the year 2012 found that the eagerness of first year students for their desires to find a reputable job after passing out and getting their degree. It states that, "These students are expressing a desire to get an earlier carrier advice and wholeheartedly welcome career guidance assistance." She concluded by saying that the increase in the awareness of the career guidance have taken a steep curve for enthusiastic fresher in the schools and colleges.

The reasons that are responsible to the early adoption of career guidance are:
Increased motivations: the undergraduates and college fresher are now motivated by the outside scenario that they will get a reputable job if they opt for summer training, volunteering and internships, so that they get early exposure and fit at the top of recruiter's list.
Competitive surroundings: the awareness and competition among various inmates of schools are now felt by the business analysts. They are happy to see such environment that can enhance the leadership qualities at an earlier stage.
Answer seeking: now the youth is more responsive than ever. They have so many questions about the job perspective and profiles that need to be sort out prior to their leading to astray and misleading paths.

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